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Pigeons standing on a roof Commercial place bird control net for bridge

Are birds becoming a problem around your workplace?

We have the solution. Our team are highly-experienced in managing and controlling birds by using effective and ethical methods proven to help with bird prevention.


• We use bird spikes to deter birds away from commercial properties, the spikes are blunted

 so the birds are not injured but cannot land or rest comfortably

• We also use pigeon netting to detract pigeons and other birds; this makes it awkward for

 them to roost and prevents them from landing directly on your building

Nest removal is another method to stop birds roosting and returning to your building



For more information about our bird proofing methods or to have your office exterior cleaned by a professional and dedicated team please contact us.

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Effective commercial bird control solutions

We will successfully detract and deter birds from your building using safe and humane methods.

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