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We offer a comprehensive brick cleaning cleaning service

Does your building require a professional brick cleaning service? It may do without you realising it. Modern pollutants and other negative agents such as bad weather and general neglect over time can make your building’s brick work wear and become dirty, ruining it’s character and appearance.


Regular, thorough professional cleaning is the only thing which can prevent this from happening. That is where we come in…


Here at Clean & Serene we use modern cleaning technology and all the best methods in accordance with environmental and safety guidelines.

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Need your brickwork professionally cleaned?

We offer a complete and comprehensive brick cleaning service.

Our brick cleaning techniques and methods include:

• Pressure water washing

• Steam pressure cleaning

• Chemical application

• Water spraying


We can also use sealants which protect against atmospheric pollutants.


All the work we do helps prevent the risk of damage and the need for structural repair, ensuring your building maintains all it’s architectural characteristics.

When you hire Clean & Serene you will benefit from a thorough and professional cleaning service. We take great care in all the work we carry out and you will be proud of the results we achieve.

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